Episode 355: Launching While Pregnant With Twins (Part 1: Pre-Launch Period)

Episode 355 - Launching While Pregnant With Twins (Part 1 Pre-Launch Period)

In this episode I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at the most recent PGSD launch. Though I’ve now launched multiple times, working on a launch while being pregnant with twins was a beautiful surprise!

This is the first part in a two part series that will help normalise the ups and downs of launching (regardless of what kind of business you have). It will show you how you can get out of your own way when you’re selling – even when the unexpected comes up.

Tune in to listen to an update that I recorded during the pre-launch period (right before the doors to PGSD opened). I talk through the launch plan and strategy, the mindset work I’m doing, and what I’m doing differently compared with our last launches.

Find the full episode transcript and show notes at samlaurabrown.com/episode355.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What our goal is for the PGSD launch and why
  • The mindset work I’m personally doing to stay committed to the goal
  • What I’m doing differently compared with our last launches
  • How I decided what our launch strategy would be

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Launching has a way of bringing up perfectionism so I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at working on our most recent PGSD launch - while being pregnant with twins. In part one of this series I’m walking you through the pre-launch period.


Hi, and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project. A podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake, so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the perfectionist getting shit done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business, you can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject.

This episode is the first episode in a two part series on launching while pregnant with twins. So in case you haven’t guessed from the title, I am pregnant for the second time, and we are expecting twins. Early next year at the time this episode is released, I will be about 16 weeks pregnant. And I am so excited to be bringing you these couple of episodes about my experience going through the most recent PGSD launch while in the thick of the first trimester, because regardless of whether you are pregnant, or soon to be pregnant, or you have children, or you have a health issue, or you have a full time job, or you’re looking after a parent or anything else, we all have things going on in our personal life.

And those things can be mentally consuming, mentally exhausting, they can impact our energy levels, and how I feeling about the business. And so I hope that by hearing some behind the scenes of how I navigated the launch, while in the first trimester while I had nausea, and I was vomiting, I didn’t vomit with my pregnancy with Lydia, thankfully. But with this one, I definitely did many times. And I just didn’t feel well. And I was exhausted from the pregnancy and also running around after a toddler. And so I just share what that looked like for me.

And spoiler alert, I wasn’t highly productive, I wasn’t doing any self coaching, I was really just getting through it and kind of operating on my default mode at my baseline. And so I hope this episode gives you permission to do that when that’s needed. And also, in the second part of this episode, where I share the launch debrief, I think of an update at the end of the OpenCart period. And then I also share my evaluation, I hope this can teach you as well how to evaluate a result without beating yourself up for how you showed up during a certain period. And you can evaluate in a way where you can still take really constructive helpful lessons.

So instead of being like, Well, I wasn’t well, and that didn’t go well either. But I’m just going to, you know, try better next time, we’ll just kind of like write that off. Because that was a high normally feel. It’s totally okay, if you want to do that. But what I have found most helpful, especially with this year, really becoming more focused on creating a habit around evaluations and reviews, that it has been so helpful for me to be able to say, I’m proud of how I showed up, I’m proud of the result we created. And here’s what I can learn from this, here’s what I want to do differently next time.

Here’s where I could have showed up differently, not from this place of I should have shown up differently, but like, here’s where I’m identifying my growth is for next time. And that’s what I can focus on and just having something tangible instead of like, well, that’s just a write up because I had other stuff going on. So I hope that it’s helpful, regardless of what you have going on in your life, that you are able to just hear from someone who’s going through it.

And navigating this experience, while not feeling particularly well, while feeling shock and disbelief and overwhelmed initially about finding out about the twins. And now I’m definitely in the place of feeling grateful and excited and very resourceful, I guess is probably the right word. Like knowing there’ll be challenges, but feeling like I can rise to those challenges and figure them out.

Whereas initially, I was feeling like, Oh, my goodness, like, how, like, how am I going to get the three children in the car and like just all these little things that I just was letting myself be overwhelmed by and indulging in the overwhelm like it felt comfortable to be overwhelmed about it. And when no one else was overwhelmed about it. I was like, Why isn’t anyone else overwhelmed about it, we should all be overwhelmed about it. So anyway, I talked through that in this but I hope it’s helpful. I hope it just gives you some relief, some like validation, I guess in a way of it’s okay to just let yourself be in the thick of whatever you’re in.

You don’t have to be always doing all this self coaching, or have all this self awareness and you can be in a place like I was where I could see myself in the overwhelm, indulging in the overwhelm. And I was still in it. Like I quote unquote knew better which we never want to say but I was really in this place of feeling like I can see what’s going On, and I know what to do to change it. But I’m just gonna let it keep going on because that’s just where I’m at at the moment. And that was okay.

So anyway, with that said, in this part, I’m just sharing an update from before the launch period, sharing what’s going on with me, sharing my thoughts about things about the launch about the pregnancy. And yeah, I will also mention just a few episodes as well, if you are pregnant, and you are wanting to hear more about pregnancy and perfectionism specifically, then I did an episode 257, which is when I was pregnant with Lydia and I talked about how perfectionism was coming up for me as it related to the pregnancy, and how I was navigating that.

So that might be helpful. And I also did a lot on Episode 277, on how to take time off without your business suffering to have a baby, go on vacation, create more freedom. So in that episode, I go through, like how I set the business up, basically, and different things like that. So if that is something you’re going through at the moment, or you will be soon, then I hope those episodes are helpful for you. Okay, I will leave it there. And yeah, I hope you enjoy it.

I just wanted to hit record and just chat briefly about how I’m feeling today. And yeah, I wanted to document this. So I will have done an introduction where I mentioned that I’m pregnant with twins. And at the time of recording this, I am about seven and a half weeks pregnant. And I am feeling very lethargic today. And at the same time, it feels as though it’s more my brain feeling lethargic than it is my body.

But anyway, I just thought I would hit record, because I wanted to share the I guess just how your energy and thoughts and things like that can change throughout a launch. And then just because you’re having a day or a week or a month, where you’re feeling low energy, and your brain, therefore probably isn’t thinking the highest value thought that that’s okay. And that’s something I’ve really been thinking about today is that just because I’m not feeling amazing, and just because it’s a work day, Steve’s not home, Lydia is getting looked after. And I’m able to have a really productive day.

And I’m not, quote unquote. So I think just giving myself grace and permission for that to be the case and just allowing myself to have a day, or whatever I need. Instead of really feeling like I need to push myself, I think I’ve really had a dialogue over the last week isn’t much time to do all the launch things. I’m not sure how I’m going to be feeling. Even though most of it is practice, really just the Instagram stuff I’m doing. And even then, I’ve recorded a whole heap of reels already, I’ve recorded pretty much all of the Instagram stories that are going to be face to camera throughout the launch, I’ve recorded most of them.

So a lot of the work has been done. But I’ve just been feeling this like pressure. As in, I’ve been having thoughts about myself and about the business that have been creating the feeling of pressure for myself, that, you know, if I am potentially just working for the rest of this year, and then I’m going to be taking time off at this point. I’m thinking of having about six months off, maybe I’m not sure exactly. I will still be checking in on things, I’m sure and talking to the team and doing that kind of thing. But I also want to give myself some space to be in the face of having three children under two and being present with them. So I’m thinking about there being it’s July 20, when I’m recording this. So there being

Yeah, just a lot of a lot of prep to be done for the business. And at the same time we are in July, and to this August, September, October, November, December, and then they’ll practically be here. So I’ve just been telling myself a story. There’s not much time, and that I need to make the most of every business day that I have. And that story isn’t helping me and I can really see that when I am here on a business day that I’m not making the most of it. And part of it is because I feel pressure that I need to make the most of it rather than thinking about what do I want and also trust in myself and my future self and that was a big thing that came up for me and a big lesson that I learned during my pregnancy with Lydia is that I was really wanting to over prepare, and over research and all of that as a way to create emotional safety for myself, and a sense of control.

And part of that was because I didn’t trust myself to be able to handle what might happen. In anything less than perfect circumstances, it felt like I needed to have everything perfectly organized and have everything I could need. And only then would I be able to handle what might come my way with having a newborn and all of that. And that is something that I really feel like this pregnancy, there is a lesson it is here to teach me it is about self trust.

And basically, from the moment I found out, I was pregnant, and especially the moment that I found out it was twins. I really just got this is about self trust, and just sinking into that self trust that is already there, instead of being the story of I don’t trust myself to recognize there are so many ways I trust myself, and how can I deepen that relationship and connection that I have with myself, as my body is changing, as my life circumstances are changing, as I enter a new period of motherhood, as I enter a new period of entrepreneurship, and that is something that I’ve really been thinking about a lot.

And I think a lot of times as well as in the day to day moments like this, where that relationship with myself becomes evident, if I’m paying attention, and I can see that this morning, when I’m having this dialogue of, I should be doing something. But I don’t want to do anything, but I should be but I don’t want to but I shouldn’t be. But I don’t want to that. That is something to work on there with myself trust. And part of it as well I can really feel this is that I haven’t fully done my power planning this week.

So I’m gonna do it immediately after recording this. On Monday, my work day, I started doing it and then realized I needed to do some self coaching on my Instagram stuff. And then I just didn’t actually finish my Power Hour. And I have stuff in my calendar. But I didn’t go through the full process. And I can feel that because it’s only when I was like thinking I should do stuff. It was this overwhelming thought that I have been very familiar with, especially from when I was working from to do lists, which is I don’t really know exactly what I need to be doing. But I know I need to be doing something, but I don’t know what.

And so I can really recognize as well. And it’s just a little alarm bell to me when I am not doing my power planning fully. That that is something going on there. And it’s not something bad or dark or like heavy. It doesn’t have to be this like, oh, there’s something going on. But just like, Oh, I just need to pay attention to my brain. Because if you think about the self coaching model that Brooke Castillo teaches our thoughts, create our feelings, our feelings, create our actions, and our actions create our result, if I look at the action I’m taking, which is to not do the power planning, what feeling and thought is creating that.

And by avoiding the power planning, my brain just wants to avoid awareness around whatever that is there. And so I’m going to be doing a little bit of self coaching as well. And also just giving myself a whole lot of grace. And I know that a realization I had in my pregnancy with Lydia was that when I was telling myself, I need to be super productive, like as productive as I would normally be. And I was putting that pressure on myself that I really like it was this amplified pressure.

And I just really couldn’t get anything done. Because we all know when you have that kind of pressure on yourself. It isn’t helpful, it isn’t motivating. And it only creates more resistance, which makes it harder to do things. And so I think I went through three to four weeks of that dialogue when I was in my first trimester with Lydia until I really got like, Oh, this isn’t helping. And I just need to give myself permission to do nothing at all and to trust as well that the business is going to keep growing.

And I actually have one of my best months financially at that point in time. I think it was November 2020. And it was when I only worked like a couple of days that month. And it was the compounding of the work that my past self had done. And allow myself finally to just let myself be in the experience that I was in without judging without resisting it and wrestling with it to just let it be okay. And so yeah, it took me a while to get that lesson, I feel like I’m getting that lesson again, but much more quickly. And that’s usually how it goes. I think a lot of times we believe that once we’ve gotten a lesson, or had this awareness that we should never do it again.

And therefore we’re bad if we do, but I found for myself at least, that it’s really like this handful of lessons that I’m learning over and over again, and the first time it may may take me like, I don’t know, three years to get the lesson. And then it takes a year, and then it takes six months, then it takes four weeks, and then it takes six days or whatever, and it kind of decreases down. So at least that’s my experience with a lot of the lessons that I’ve learned. It’s like, oh, this again, but not in a bad way. I think it’s just really cool that it, there’s not that many things, we have to let, anyway, all of that to say that. I’m just really getting that today.

And I think the first step for me is to take that pressure off. So I’m going to do my power planning. And what I was thinking about this morning, actually, when I do my Power Hour, is to basically on my work days to plan out what I would do if I was working about three hours, and then just put that in my calendar, give myself the rest of the day buffer time. At this point in time I am taking a nap in the afternoon. If I’m looking after Lydia, which is most days, then I will take a nap when she’s taking an afternoon nap, which is around 130 to 330. And I am not typically a nap. I don’t enjoy napping, I don’t feel recharged when I’m napping.

And I like won’t sit and watch TV on the couch. In the daylight, I think it sounds like there is always a work to be done there about three is not being productive enough activities to do during daylight. But anyway, I have found that the last week, I have really needed those naps. And that’s I’m so glad I’ve given myself permission to do that. So when I’m planning my work days, I think dropping the story that there’s not much time. And so I need to use all of this time that I have wisely, just letting go of that. And trusting that future me and present day me and like all the versions of me to come can figure everything out.

And that I don’t need perfect circumstances in order to really create what I want to create. And not I don’t have to. I know, I guess like control everything, which is what I want to do. And it’s not to say not to be prepared. I think that also preparing things is a way that we can build our relationship with our future self and trust in ourselves. And there’s like, it’s really about the feeling that’s driving the action, not that certain actions are asked trusting ourselves and certain actions aren’t the same with like clean rest, that it’s not about the activity. It’s about the feelings that are there and the thoughts and intentions.

And so yeah, I think when it comes to trusting myself, that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be prepared, or that I just, you know, should leave everything to the last minute because future me can handle it. It’s like if there is something that needs to be done in the last minute future me can handle it. But I also want to take care of my future self. And I can really actually feel the benefit of the way that I’ve taken care of future meet in the past. So that future me is now present day me. And so it meant that for this launch, everything. Like for the most part besides the Instagram stuff, everything was created ahead of time. And it has meant that I now do have these few weeks of the launch period.

So we’re in the pre launch at the moment with the podcast series going out. The launch starts next Wednesday and then goes for a week, which is where PGSD enrollment is open. And I don’t really have stuff I have to do. And yet it’s been easy to have these sorts of like what I need to make the most of this time and I need to like capitalize on it. And that way of thinking and I know that that way of thinking doesn’t help me. But my brain still goes out and that’s okay. And I was actually talking about this with Jenna in the PGSD forum.

She was mentioning something about the like, you know, focusing on not having to have your brain perfectly managed and aiming for 80%. And I was saying that my coach Stacey Boehman talks about like you can achieve your goals or at least what I’ve interpreted. She might not say that like this, but you can create everything you want to create with a half managed mind. And I just have found that so powerful. And it’s really what in these moments where my brain isn’t thinking the highest value thoughts or whatever, that I then don’t go into as much judgment as I previously would have.

Because I know, I don’t have to feel good all the time, in order to hit my goals, or achieve what I want to achieve personally or professionally. And that is okay for there to be fluctuations in how I’m feeling, as well as fluctuations in how I’m thinking. And that’s not a problem. That’s actually just literally how our brains work. And the more we resist that, the more negative sorts of feelings that we create. So anyway, I can really feel the benefit of the preparation that past me has done, and the work that I’ve done, and that I really set up things for the launch, not knowing that I would be pregnant during the launch period. But knowing that, regardless of what happens, that I want to be the kind of person that does my work ahead of time.

And I think I’ve spoken about this on the podcast, definitely spoken about it on PGSD calls that in the PGSD launch in April, May, that I was really in this mindset of my growth is to get the work done ahead of time. And even though it was helpful, and I did develop that skill set, that that belief had me the self image of it’s not normal for me to do the work ahead of time. And so I was just hyper focused on, I guess, willing myself to create it ahead of time. And anyway, so this launch, I’ve really been focused on like, of course, I just get it done ahead of time. Like it’s not my growth, that’s just who I am. And that was a choice to change into that way of thinking. And it’s really made such a difference. Because when I have that self image of it’s normal for me to do the work ahead of time, I was able to do it ahead of time in much less time than last time, about half the time.

And part of that was because I gave myself permission to repurpose emails and things that I created in the past which in the previous launch, when I was thinking about growth is to get the work done ahead of time with that I also have this belief of because my growth is to get the work done ahead of time, all the work I do needs to be from scratch. So I can really prove to myself that I can do all the work ahead of time, there was something like that going on there. I think we just need to be mindful of wherever we’re in this mindset of I need to prove to myself, even though that sounds like a great thing to do, that proving energy isn’t the most powerful energy that we can be in, even when it’s proving things to ourselves.

So I’ve just been paying attention to whenever I get into that, like I want to prove to myself energy, which I was in a lot of in that last launch, I want to prove to myself, I can get it done ahead of time that I want to prove to myself that I can, you know, change the result of a launch, mid launch or whatever. And it just wasn’t the cleanest fuel that could have been driving me. So with this launch, I have been, I don’t know, just not really actually spending a lot of time thinking about my thoughts about the launch, and trying to be in belief and that kind of thing.

I have revisited the episodes I recorded in January about the launch to episode 316 and 317. And they’ve been really helpful just to remind me of some of the thoughts I was thinking at that time. And just being really focused on the people who want PGSD, our best clients and they’re already Yes, and inviting them in and this idea that, you know, if you are throwing a party, this was probably the one of the most helpful things that came out of that launch many, many things, but one of them that has really stuck with me is if you’re hosting a party, that, you know, once you invite someone to the party, you keep talking about it with them. And even if they’re already a yes, but the Party hasn’t happened yet.

You still keep talking about it and you’re like okay, what are you going to wear and what are we going to do when we get there and you kind of just enjoy it’s like with travel as well that even once you’ve booked the holiday, you talk about okay, what are we going to do and what are we going to eat and drink can all these different things because it’s fun to do that. It’s fun to keep hearing about an experience that you’re going to be having.

And so the same is true. I believe when it comes to a service, like what I deliver, I think the same can be true with a product as well, like just because you’re already a guest doesn’t mean that you now just need to stop hearing about it like they’re already Yes. And they want to keep hearing about it. And this idea of marketing being, onboarding, and I’ve been thinking about that, when I did create the clean rest series was about how do I want them to be thinking about clean rest, when they’re inside PGSD. And really setting things up there so that anyone who joins knows that clean rest is part of the PGSD process, which is to plan properly follow through 80% of the time, rest without guilt, and repeat, like where that fits in, where clean rest fits in with your power planning why it is so important to be planning properly.

Like why it’s crazy hard to get proper clean rest when you’re working from a to do list, and that kind of thing. But it’s just been interesting that in the last launch, in April/May, that I had similar time to what I have now, because I’ve done the work ahead of time, and I was in a lot of drama, and you can hear it in the episodes that I did about that launch, there were three episodes, I think it’s around episode 336 that I did that about getting your work done early and easily. But I was in a lot of drama of what I do with this time.

And I used to do all this self coaching. And maybe it’s just because I don’t currently have the energy for the mental drama. In that regard. I’ve still had mental drama moreso wrapping my mind around being pregnant with twins giving birth to twins, having twins as well as a toddler. So I think my mental energy has been directed that I watch a lot of YouTube videos and trying to familiarize myself with what that experience could look like and different things.

So I don’t know if that’s why I’m not having as much mental drama about to launch. But I was saying to Steve the other day when we were walking like, oh, you know what? Because our goal is 60 for the launch, I say what number do you think we’ll do? And he said, I think 50 maybe, he was he didn’t know the goal at that point. He’s just like, 50. And he’s like, What do you think, and I was like 60, like, I just think it will be 60. And I don’t know, I just didn’t really draw her about it. And it does feel different to the last launch.

And I’m comparing a lot to pass launches. But I really learned so much in those launches, and that are helping me to really determine and see how I’m thinking and feeling and self awareness I have in this launch. But in the previous one that I was in this entitled energy of, well, I’ve done the work ahead of time. So it should just work. And really placing a lot of emphasis on doing that work early as being won’t create success the same way that a lot of times, we place emphasis on consistency being the reason that we’d be successful, rather than the content of the work itself.

And so this time, I’ve just been really thinking about the people who want PGSD, and talking to them, and not being too attached to the numbers, but also believing in their being 60. But not in this. I don’t even know how to really describe it, but not in this way of there has to be 60. Really, I just want to put the tools of power planning and clean rest and everything we do inside PGSD in the hands of as many entrepreneurs as possible. And I am very passionate about doing that. Even though on days like there’s not like feel that passion in my body. But I know when I do talk about it even on a day like this, that I can really feel that connection there.

And when it comes to the goal, I just think I’ve had more of a zoomed out approach of like when I was thinking that this is like zoom zoomed out about my 90 year old self. She doesn’t even remember how any of these launches this year did when she’s reflecting. She’s thinking about having Lydia who has recently turned one having the twins like that’s what 90 year old me is reflecting on and yes, having a successful business is part of that. But all of that same 90 year old me isn’t like ah, you know this launch.

We didn’t hit our goal by you know a certain number and even if I do remember that it’s not going to matter because what matters is more so who I’m being the relationships that I’m having the relationship that I have with myself and I like the, I guess the longer time trajectory of my career, rather than a specific snapshot and what that looked like in that moment. So that’s something that I’ve been thinking about as well. And I think if you want to think of things that way, you need to try it on and see how it feels for you. Because when I think of it that way, it doesn’t make me want to do nothing.

And it doesn’t put it into the psych. So this doesn’t matter at all. And I think the best place we can be in is your mind, this energy of it totally 100% matters. And it doesn’t matter at all. And like sitting in the paradox of that. And that is really how I feel when I’m thinking about my 90 year old self, reflecting on this period of my life that it is, it doesn’t matter. And it completely does matter. Because it is my experience it like how my day to day experience is during this phase of life is important, it does really matter.

But it also doesn’t matter in the sense of in terms of my, like the experience I’m able to have in my life, and the joy and the love and my worthiness or whatever, like that isn’t impacted by the result. But I also like in terms of who I’m being, I want to be the person who is doing courageous things and putting myself out there and being an example of what I teach and helping others. And those things are very important. And when I’m launching that is, and like throughout my business, even between launches, that is really like what I’m doing and who I’m being and that matters.

So I don’t know if that makes sense. But I’m thinking about it that way. And also mainly at the moment, as I mentioned, all the emails are written and scheduled. All the podcast episodes are done. I’ve done a lot of the Instagram Stories, as I mentioned, there was a day last week where I was feeling very energetic, and I was like, I’m just going to record these now. And if I don’t use them, that’s okay. But I’m just going to record them now, while I’m feeling really chatty. I also recorded a bunch of reels as well.

So there was a day a week before that. In the afternoon, I was like I’m feeling like I can just chat and riff on things. So I’ll just capitalize on that, in a sense, not as in that I’m always feeling like that. But also that instead of thinking that to produce consistent work on the front end as in, like follower facing or customer facing, I need to say for example, to put this more specifically, if I wanted to create a real sorry, publish a reel every day, that if I tell myself, I have to create a reel every day, I tend not to really work that way.

Where I have this consistent energy in terms of I don’t even know how to explain it what is kind of amazing thing about human design. And that has really, I guess, given words to this for me, but I’m an emotional projector, a two four emotional projector, we did a few episodes around the 300 mark on human design. And I did a few interviews as well about the different types and things. So if you’re interested in that, check that out.

But my type, something about my human design is really about working in spurts of motivation or not really that I don’t want to say like that, because I talk about that being the case of perfectionism the handbrake is on, it’s different to that. It really is different to that. So how can I better describe it, it’s more like just actually being in tune with where my energy is. And rather being in this spurt of motivation, kind of experience that we have when our perfectionism handbrake is on is that we put a whole lot of pressure on ourselves that we need to do all these things.

And then we work while ignoring ourselves ignoring our needs, ignoring how much energy we have, and we kind of just will ourselves to do what we think we should do. And then because that’s not actually sustainable, because usually isn’t alignment with our values. It also isn’t in alignment with what we actually need as human beings. So it’s not sustainable. And then we kind of fall off the wagon going into this all or nothing mindset about it.

And oftentimes as well, we slip into that all or nothing mindset, once we think we should have gotten a result. And the result hasn’t come yet. So we can kind of have that sort of motivation, when we’re still in this optimism about getting the result. But once we start to get some evidence back from the real world, that that result might not happen, at least not in the timeframe we want. Then we just go into the nothing’s out of that mindset because it feels too vulnerable to keep trying. I’m not talking about that. Dispose of motivation.

I’m just talking about basically being in tune with how I work best and I have really seeing this with power planning that having three days of work per week really suits me well, and that I’m able to on my work days, just get in and get shit done, and then have more time off than I have time on. And that really helps me rather than doing like, there are some people who do really well with working like two hours a day every day. There are obviously periods in my life where I’ve done different things. And like when I was working full time, I did an hour every morning before I went to my full time job. And I just found I couldn’t, like it took me so long to do anything at the end the day after I got home.

So I’d do it in the morning and touching my goal every day. And doing something for the business really helped me create the image of a business owner the self image, and that I was doing something for myself before I was doing something for my boss. So that really helped with that self image as well. So that was really important at that period. And now I’m in a different period. And so anyway, I’m just really seeing how I can be even more in tune with myself. So that I’m able to get a lot of things done in a way that feels really good to me. And then I can consistently publish, but I don’t have to consistently create.

So I hope that’s helpful if you’ve also been wanting to create consistently. And yet, you know, everyday, you don’t feel like creating something, there are so many days, I don’t feel like showing my face on Instagram or anything like that. And so even just knowing that there’s days where I just feel like I don’t know what to say, at all. So I just have learned that over time. And instead of like I can force myself to say something every day or to be on service every day or whatever. And there are periods where that might be a valuable thing to do in terms of your growth.

But at this stage, for me, it’s really just knowing that I can, in an afternoon, when I’m feeling really chatty, or whatever, I can just say a bunch of things and trust that whatever is top of mind for me is going to be helpful. And then I can like batch create that basically. And that can create enough content for even a few months. And so, yeah, that’s what I did with stories as well. But anyway, so this to say that I have been with my time at the moment, I’m really just focusing on the Instagram stuff, because everything else is done.

And I found myself the other day, just not having really clear boundaries around when I will check things. And when I won’t, that I was just kind of going into the app and just seeing how posted things were performing, but not even with any will lead clear idea or metric of what I was looking for. Or if I saw a certain number, that there was any specific action I would be taking it was just basically like, do they like me or not kind of energy that I could feel that I was in. And so I really dropped into just thinking about the 60.

And obviously, we have the podcast and emails that are going out. But thinking about if these 60 PGSDers just coming from Instagram, what would be most helpful for me to share there? What could I create? What that what is that going to look like? And also, the biggest thing when I could get into that mindset of just thinking about the 60 is, then it doesn’t really matter how many views or likes or comments, coupled with the beliefs that I have, that I’ve had for a few launches now that I found really helpful, which is people just like and sign up. Like I’m not going to hear comments.

They’re not even going to like anything, they’re not going to DM me, they’re not going to reply to a poll on Instagram, they’re not going to reply to a question box. I mean, some might, but most of them are just going to lurk and then they’re going to sign up. That’s my MO. When I am learning from others, I don’t like their posts, I don’t reply to polls, I don’t share it on my stories. I’m just silently consuming, and learning and loving. And then I buy and I invest and I then get the result. And I really put that responsibility in my own hands that I am the kind of person that gets what I came for, and approach it with that energy.

So I always get what I come for, because that’s the that’s the intention. That’s a goal. That’s my responsibility. And so that is what I create. So I’m just thinking about the 60. And therefore, like this isn’t about with any of my launch content or anything else. This isn’t about trying to reach 1000s and 1000s or millions of people and just thinking about like those 60 people, what are they up to this week and next week, what is their day to day looking like they’re people that are learning from me and enjoying it and they want more they want to be in PGSD.

And if I’m thinking about the engagement or likes or comments and using that, as well as a as like evidence to my belief, or, you know, having to be evidence to support my doubts, that that is taking me out of thinking about the 60 PGSDers, who are going to be joining us in just over a week’s time. So that really just felt like a relief to just remind myself, just think about the 60. Just think about the 60. And, yeah, so I wanted to share that in case it’s helpful for you. So I also have written in front of me on my whiteboard. If Instagram was easy, I would just be insanely helpful and invite them into PGSD. So been insanely helpful. Invite them in is say, she has a podcast called joyful marketing. But I heard that on her Instagram.

And when it comes to being insanely helpful, I know that for me, that’s just sharing what’s on my mind, and what I’m thinking about and sharing it often in a long winded way. And certainly, okay, so it’s not like be perfectly helpful, but just share, share the stuff. And I think the most helpful stuff I share is the least filtered and the least thought about stuff in a way like, there are so many ideas that I have, I have this Trello board that has so many notes for content, ideas and things. And it’s just giving myself permission, instead of putting in the Trello board just to like, actually share them and not have to package them up perfectly. So yeah, it’s just been insanely helpful. And really getting what that actually means. Talk like me, create from the heart, think about them, and that they wanted. And that’s pretty much it. That’s my Instagram strategy.

And so another thing I would just be mindful of is not trying to feel like I have this belief that I need to cover everything, or I need to be super strategic about things or like this week, when the clean rest series is going out that I only need to talk about clean rest, I am going to keep mentioning the clean rest series, I want to make sure that everyone on my Instagram knows about it. And they hear about it multiple times. And just knowing that just because I mentioned it once, doesn’t mean that that’s enough. And I think I am quite beyond the belief of thinking that it’s bothering someone for them to hear about it more than once because I’m thinking about the people who do want it. And who, yeah, who wants to be in PGSD, they want to get out of their own way they want to do this work.

So they’re not bothered to hear about something that’s going to be super helpful for them, then I’m bothered hearing about it multiple times. They’re not bothered hearing about it in multiple places for me. So I don’t feel like there’s really any of that going on. So I am going to be talking about that constantly. But at the same time I I went for a walk and was listening to an episode on Steven Bartlett’s podcast, his podcast is the diary for CEO, which I really, really, really enjoy.

And there were just a couple things that I really took away from the episode that I was like, I’m gonna share this on Instagram, and I just typed up a few lessons and shared them and it has nothing to do with the launch. It has nothing to do with any of the content, like it doesn’t relate at all to planning and any of the kinds of stuff I teach or perfectionism specifically or anything, but I’m constantly you know, having these ideas and thoughts and things like that to share and constantly or not constantly, but oftentimes not allowing myself to share them, because I think it needs to be in a certain structured kind of way.

And so the more I just give myself permission to share whatever is top of mind for me, and trust it that will be helpful for you, the better my business has done, honestly. And I got some animal spirit cards or this deck. It’s called The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron Reid, and Steve and I got it as a wedding gift. And I have just been drawing these cards I quite enjoy it. I have now been looking for different decks to have because I feel like they’re just nice little journaling prompts or things to think about.

And I keep drawing this mouse spirit card. And something that really stuck out to me. I did share this on Instagram as well. By the way, if you’re not following me, I’m @perfectionismproject. But it said for this mouse spirit card it was about attention to the details. But what specifically stuck out to me is it said, is there some detail or nuance about how you engage others or operate in the world that is key to your success, but you’re too readily but you’ve too readily dismissed as nothing big or special?

And another thing that said was a detail you fear you are overlooking will only appear when you stop obsessing. But the main thing with that first note about is are some detail or nuance about how you engage others or operate, that is a key to success. But you have to really dismissed as nothing because special, what immediately came up for me is that whenever I have been in a period of just sharing whatever I feel like talking about, and I do just bring it back to perfectionism stuff, without having to think about doing that, like my brain is constantly thinking about things through that lens.

So if I just share whatever is top of mind, and I’m not being strategic about things, then I have had a lot more engaging content, neither that is at all a metric that is important. But I have had more paying customers and clients and my business has been more successful. And then periods where it has been in plateaus. When I look back, I can really see that it’s when I’m trying to be too strategic. And it’s just interesting to look back that when I can see. So my business has definitely been in periods of growth. And then like a plateau slash, I prefer to call it recalibration and getting ready for the next stage and then growth and then recalibration.

That when I have been in those growth periods, it’s one I’ve been really focused on the mindset side of things, in terms of my own personal growth in the business. And it is also when I’ve just allow myself to share what’s top of mind. So for example, with the podcast, when I have episodes, just about like stuff I was learning and the books I was reading and my experience with like my entrepreneurship journey and that stuff. And then the periods where it’s been a plateau slash recalibration kind of thing has been when I’ve been trying to be super strategic.

And I’ve kind of taken what is the key to my success in a way, which is just like, sharing my brain with you. And I instead said, No, that’s not enough, I need to have it look this certain way and be the certain way and take these certain boxes. And I can only talk about this kind of topic, you know, every so often, and I have to talk about this, and then this and then there’s and cover everything and be strategic and all of that, that it just makes the stuff I share more stale, because that’s not how I authentically create things.

So yeah, it’s just interesting, when I’m, I’m really focused on like learning strategies and that kind of thing, that my period, my business has not really been in periods of growth, I think those periods have been important and necessary. And I have learned a lot. But I think that what I’m really starting to get is combining that like, yes, it’s powerful to learn, you know, strategies and things. But really just getting recently that a strategy when someone teaches a business strategy, what that basically doing is saying, like, this is how these are the actions I took when I was in a healthful mindset. And so maybe you’re not in a healthful mindset right now. But if you take these actions, then hopefully you can replicate my results.

And when you know how results are creative, which is from our thoughts and feelings, and not just the actions, that you can see why you can take, you know, to 100 people a marketing strategy, say like some kind of Instagram strategy. And they can do the same number of posts, they can be following the same kind of content calendar, they can be the same level of teacher, whatever it is, and that some people are going to hit that goal and other people aren’t. And it’s because it matters, how you’re thinking, and you’re feeling when you’re executing a certain strategy.

And the strategy is just kind of saying like, Hey, here’s the stuff I did when I was thinking about it in a helpful way. And I was able to create a certain result these this was my action line when I had this result, and oftentimes we’re missing like, but what were you thinking about and what feelings were driving that action. Sometimes it’s minor, be a sustainable or healthy feeling, or act or thought, but anyway, that’s just something that’s really been helpful for me to recognize. I’ve never heard anyone else say that, but that’s just kind of what I’m piecing together.

From my experiences and what I have really found helpful in the mastermind, I’m in 200k, is that when it is like there’s a lot of strategy stuff, but in terms of the way the strategy is taught, that it’s more so about, here’s the strategy. But most importantly, here’s the mindset behind the strategy. And for example, the launching couses within the mastermind, isn’t like, you have to do this. It’s not like the action line, it’s really about, you know, here’s some different ideas, but more so focused on these high level principles, and also how you’re thinking and feeling. And that, for me, really opened things up for me this year, because I got out of thinking that the number of emails I send, is what creates the result, or, you know, the number of times I post on Instagram, or how I do that, or whatever, and just really getting it’s about my thinking.

And so even just me saying that now is really helpful to remember because I also need that reminder, because I have, I think, to some degree, with my Instagram stuff being thinking that I like, that’s how I show up on Instagram, over the next few weeks is what will create the result. And, again, this isn’t about, okay, well, it’s my thoughts, I’m just going to think good thoughts and certainly couch but recognizing that, if I’m creating from this, like, energy have a need to, or I’m not good enough, unless I that kind of thing that isn’t going to create the result that I want.

And so this is why self coaching is a needle mover, and getting coached is a needle mover. And I really find that I do the most powerful needle movers or I do them in the most powerful way, when I have done that self coaching as well. And I just want to quickly mention needle movers because this is kind of a bit in PGSD when we get into the nitty gritty of power planning and different things about what is a needle mover? And what isn’t that just because you do something consistently and regularly.

And now easily doesn’t mean it’s not a needle mover, even though a lot of times are needle movers are things that require courage, and that kind of thing. They can’t be easy. Like that’s why we have this whole question of what would this look like if it was easy? So I just wanted to mention that if you’ve been thinking like, Well, I haven’t done I haven’t didn’t really get many needle movers done this week. Because I you know, I did some important stuff, but I already am. I know how to do that. And I’m doing it consistently. It’s still a needle mover. So anyway, like me recording, this podcast episode is a needle mover, and I’m just sitting here chatting, and that community with me.

So this is what I have been thinking about. And I wanted to also share some of the main thoughts that I’ve had going into this launch and kind of put a list together and share them with you. I am not going to do that in this update, because I haven’t done that. But I don’t know, it’s hard to identify the thoughts when I think about them now, because I haven’t really been taking my mind that often. I’ve just, I guess been in the energy of I’m someone who, you know, when I do a launch, I would have 60 signups and then creating from that energy.

And also I feel like I just I do have a lot more self trust, this time, and I’m not so worried about like having to do the things. But I will just wrap up this section by saying that I love that. Whenever I do a launch at least this year, it’s definitely been the case. And I do a series on the podcast, and there’s a theme to it. So for this one, it’s clean rest, that that is also a great opportunity for me to focus on that thing specifically, and I think, me being pregnant with twins. And it’s just obviously an important time for clean rest.

And that it’s just really reminded me of you like yes, I will be posting on Instagram a bit more often I yes will have prepped a lot of that ahead of time. But I will still be going on there to post and that kind of thing. But instead of constantly doing that throughout the day, I can just go in in the morning, post myself, checking in the afternoon, like the evening, whatever, post myself and it’d be that experience, rather than it being like, oh, I need to check to see if someone else’s DM to me or if people are watching this story or wherever my brain likes to go. Um, so that’s a really important thing with me getting the experience of clean rest.

And I did that yesterday when I was having a day with Lydia that I really made a conscious effort to just post my stuff when she was napping in the morning, and then we went for a swim and did a few different things. And I was just really conscious of not checking my phone at all. And even when she went down for her neck and I was like, but there’s like, I’m not posting anything, like there’s no reason for me to go on. And just really getting as well that I think this is from, I don’t know, I was listening to some podcasts that made me think about this.

But if you are thinking, actually, this is the one that episode with the Coinbase, founder on Dover CEO that they were talking about, you know, you can’t really believe the hype and the positive attention you get, because then you’ll also believe the negative stuff as well. And I can really feel that when I post something, and it has more engagement, that I can feel my brain is like, Yes, this is really good, I’m good, that kind of way of thinking.

And that if I create something, and it doesn’t get as much engagement that my brains like, while you’re not good, like it’s basically, I don’t think I’m intellectually, like consciously thinking that but I feel warm and fuzzy, when it’s a lot of engagement. And I don’t feel that way. When there isn’t a lot of engagement, I feel the opposite of that. And it was just really helpful to be reminded of that, to just hear that. You know, if you believe all of the say, for example, if everything you posted, always got an incredible response in your brain, like, obviously, our brains would soon normalize it, and it wouldn’t feel that way.

And we’d think it’s not enough. Because our brains off to do that. But say, every time you posted, you got however many, you know, likes or whatever your best posts had, say you got that every single time and it was very consistent. Which our brains don’t like it likes it inconsistency can play that whole like gambling thing. Or even in your feed. The way that it does it is it so that you won’t love every post, so that your brain can like, there’s variety. And it’s like, oh, well, this won’t be a good one or not kind of thing. It’s just really interesting how brains don’t like the consistent reward.

As much as it does believe that it likes that. We like variability in return or our brains get really bored. But anyway, what I was saying is just imagine everything you posted performed really well, that if you believe that and say everyone was leaving, like comments about how incredible you are, and all this stuff that if you take that on, and you’re not giving it to yourself, but you’re only getting it from outside of yourself, then when you do inevitably get negative feedback, and you will because once you hit a certain nut like massive people that you’re reaching, basically law of numbers, like you’re going to come up against people who don’t agree with what you’re saying, and who will tell you that.

So either when we just believe the hype, and that’s what we really are attached to, then we keep ourselves small, so that we only continue to get that which isn’t in our own best interest. Or we then really get torn down by the negative stuff, because we believe it like how we believe the positive things. And so the other night when I could feel myself wanting to check and thinking about like thinking it through, okay, what do I want to see when I checked? Like, what is my brain looking for here? Basically validation?

And then, okay, how could I instead of checking Instagram? How could I give that validation to myself in this moment, and I just literally said to myself, like, I’m really proud of what I created. I’m proud of what I’ve done. And I’m proud of what I’m doing. And I know I’m helping people. And I know I’m helping myself and like just that kind of thing. Basically just like imagine the stuff you want people to say in comments, or DMS or reviews or testimonials or whatever. And saying that to yourself.

And I know that’s such a cliche thing, but I did a perfectionist power up on this recently, like, if we don’t give ourselves validation and approval, then approval from others has nothing to stick to. Because we haven’t got like it’s kind of almost like the if you think of Velcro, like you need the two sides. And I’ve only just thought of it this way now but I think it is analogous that if you think of Velcro, how you have two bits that go together, that if you aren’t approving of yourself, then you just basically have one piece of velcro and one side of it, and it’s not going to stick to anything.

But if you have that other side there, because you are proving yourself, then you will be able to take an approval from others. But if you don’t approve of yourself, then it doesn’t matter how much approval we can get. And that’s why we always want more of it. Because it never actually sticks. And that’s why we end up on this hamster wheel for that approval and validation. So yeah, I have been doing that work as well. And just approving of myself, and validating myself and doing my best to do that in a growth minded way.

So instead of validating myself for a certain result, whether that’s engagement or signups, or whatever it is, I’m validating and praising myself for my courage, my resilience, my resourcefulness, my curiosity, and that kind of thing. The the traits, I want to have the growth minded traits, rather than like, Oh, I’m so smart, or whatever. And so that has been really helpful as well, just to have that realization the other night of like, oh, literally, like, if every time I wanted to check Instagram, I just went through Obviously, every single time, but I just went through and was like, Okay, what am I looking for from Instagram, and it’s gonna be Instagram, it might be TiKTok, YouTube, your email, list stats, whatever.

But if like, what am I looking for from this? And how can I meet that need myself, I’ve just found when I do that the desire to check things dramatically decreases, because the need to get it from elsewhere, isn’t there, and then I’m able to check in a clean way. And actually, you know if there is data to use it, rather than just reading how many people have liked my thing, and then either feeling good or bad and closing the app and doing nothing. So I hope that is helpful to hear about let’s just sign I’ve been thinking about recently, that’s has been really powerful for me. So I’m gonna wrap this up here, I didn’t really know what my intention was, I guess when I started recording this, one thing I didn’t know is that I do feel better when I chat it out.

So I am using this little update to help with that. But I did just want to document how I am feeling today and just give you a glimpse inside because people do talk about, you know, during business or during launches, specifically that there will be days that you’ll be feeling more energetic or more unbelief than others. And a lot of these days aren’t actually shared. You just kind of hear about them in hindsight that they happen, but I’m just having one of those days today. It’s not a problem. It’s midday now. So I am going to do my power planning. I’m probably going to do I think about after that about two hours of work, checking with my team, I need to write a PGSD waitlist email for tomorrow. There are a couple of other things I need to do slash want to do.

And then I’m probably just gonna hang out and watch YouTube videos or whatever, probably have my afternoon. I’m actually that’s important. But I will do that before I go and pick up Lydia probably take cotton for a little walk. I have done a peloton class this morning. And that’s one final thing I will wrap up on is that when I found out I was pregnant, and about a week after that, maybe I started to feel not 100% And so I just decided that I was going to do a little peloton class every day. And that was really my intention for July is to get on the peloton every day and to not have to have every workout be intense or a good one that it was just me showing up for myself and knowing that if I move my body I also go for a walk most days.

But if I just move my body as best as I can on that day that it does help give me energy, especially like I’m currently totally off tea. I don’t drink coffee. I’m not into coffee but I normally would have a cup of tea and I just have less than zero desire for any kind of hot beverage at the moment even though it is winter. So that as well has been my pick me up for the day. And I was having a discussion about it with Steve the other day. On Saturday. I was just feeling really low energy and I did my peloton class and I basically like did the slowest cadence and the lowest resistance basically He was like, wasn’t really any point, not in an unsupportive way.

But just like, you know, you normally like to challenge yourself and that kind of thing. I was like, you know, sometimes you just need to do a token workout. And I’ve talked about this over the years ever since I had my core dream habit, which is inside PGSD. By but having these token things that you do sometimes just for the sake of being consistent with it, particularly when it comes to working out. But this can also be very helpful when it comes to building your consistency in your business with posting and that kind of thing. And then once you’re consistent, then you can look at the data that you’re getting, and refining what you’re doing.

But getting that consistency is a really important step, because then that gives you the data to iterate and do things better. So I was just saying, like, I know, I just need to be my body, I feel better for me, my body. And I do so much better. Like if I do want to do like a higher impact class, then I find that much easier. If say on the three days before that I did a a very low impact class versus no class at all. Like I’m in the habit of getting dressed, getting my like, my cleats on or whatever. Getting on the peloton bike, picking a cause like that habits.

So the only thing that has to change on a high intensity days, I just pick a different workout. Or I do a different workout and I pick different settings on the bike. Rather than it being the difference of am I in the habit like I’m not even in the habit of the peloton and I have to be in like, I have to get myself onto the peloton, and I have to do an intense workout, I just find it so much easier when I have that solid baseline if I just do a low impact class, and I’ve just been doing a 20 minute class, sometimes it just went to a 10 minute class. And just letting that be enough.

And then the last few days have actually been like, you know, I could do I’ve been doing like the prenatal hit classes when I have more energy and then recovery ride or prenatal recovery ride, or low impact or whatever. On the days I don’t have much energy. And that has been serving me so well. So that is another thing that has been super helpful. And the reason I was thinking of that, too, is that, as I said my intention was to do it every day of July, and that I’ve probably missed about four to five days. And that we know when we’re in the all or nothing mindset, it can be very easy.

I think he maybe did like 10 days in a row or something. And then, like I for some reason, whatever day I didn’t do it that it’s very easy to be like, Oh, well I ruin that. And I’ll wait till August, and I’ll do on every day in August. But the benefit of me moving my body every day doesn’t depend on even though just talking about the power of like having that baseline. The benefit of me move my body every day doesn’t depend on how many days in a row. I did it. Like the overall benefit, like zooming out of it. The overall benefit is like there’s so much on benefits. You’re in 20 rides in a month versus 10 in a row and then none.

So I just on the bike the day I wanted to do another peloton class, I just think to myself, if I hadn’t skipped yesterday’s class or whatever, if I had, if I still have my streak, what would I do? Okay, I get on the bike right now. Okay, so I’m gonna get on the bike right now. And that’s how I just don’t let myself go into that, or nothingness. I’ve gotten really good at that with health and fitness stuff of being consistent and not being all or nothing.

But I just wanted to mention that because I know we can be like, Okay, well, you know, I need to start the streak over again, or whatever. And this is why I don’t teach having streaks and using streaks as a productivity method or a motivation method, because then we get so attached to the streak, and we put all our power in the streak. And then when life inevitably happens, we go into the all or nothing mindset, because we no longer have the streak. And so it’s you know, it is powerful for our brains, our brains love accumulation. They love to see a streak, but if you were doing any kind of habit, whether it’s workout, meditation, whatever.

If you’re doing any kind of habit and you have a streak going and then you break it to just take your mind to okay, if I was still in my streak, what would I do? That is going to help you to just keep going and guess my brain was like, I had this streak. And I also know it feels so much better to just keep showing up than to think that this streak actually matters at all. Okay, I have been chatting a lot of non launch related things but that’s how this podcast is. So anyway, I will give another update soon. And yeah, probably once the just before we open the cart, I might do a little update and share how things are going. But I just wanted to give you an insight into launching was in your first trimester with twins.

Okay, that was part one of this two part series on emotional pregnant with twins. So I think I mentioned at the end of that, that I was going to do a update before the open cart period began. And I didn’t, I didn’t have it in me. So that didn’t happen. So you’re not going to be hearing that. In part two, we’re just coming out next week, I am going to be sharing an update from the end of the launch period. And then an update with some of my biggest takeaways from the launch. After I did the launch evaluation about a month or so after the cart closed after enrollment closed. So stay tuned for that.

And if you are wanting to find out more about how I debrief and evaluate after a launch, then I want to point you to the series that I did for the PGSD enrollment week that we had at the end of April. And so the episodes for that, let me just find them. So 336, 337, and 338. And in episode three, three eighths was all about getting your work done early and easily. That really was what I focused on for that launch. And in that one, I share the questions that I asked myself when I’m evaluating a launch. And I went through it in more specific detail that I’m going to go into in part two in this series. In this series, I’m just going to be sharing a few key takeaways.

But I want to point you towards that episode, regardless of whether you are doing launching and open close enrollment or a product that’s available in certain time periods, and then it’s not available. Or if you are doing something that’s evergreen and always available, you can always reflect on your selling and your business, but it’s specifically you’re selling and if you are open all the time and always selling, then you can just reflect on a month period, for example, and go through this evaluations, I really want to point you to that. Because sometimes we perfectionist like we love being self aware and productive and all the things, anything like that PGSD is your personal development, all of that.

But when it comes to reflection and evaluation, because a lot of times we haven’t been doing that, and we’ve resisted doing that, because we’re scared to see what’s wrong. Like we think we’re just gonna end up with a list of all the things that are wrong with us. And we already feel like there’s so much that we don’t want to look at it. So we avoid this, like I avoided evaluations for the longest time. And I just felt so confused about like, I know why anyone didn’t want anyone but I don’t know why we didn’t have as many people as we wanted sign up. I just don’t know what happened.

And so I was pretty helpless to change that result, because I didn’t actually ask my brain to identify and hypothesize as to a reason. So this is a habit worth getting into. It’s a skill that anyone can learn. And it’s just a matter of feeling the resistance to doing it. And doing it anyway and putting this into your routine. So either after you do a launch, or maybe you do you don’t even have to do every month but like once a quarter doing a monthly reflection on you’re selling and why people are buying, why they’re not buy and all the questions that I go through in that.

So I want to point you there. And I finally want to point you to if you found this episode interesting and you want to hear about the one that I did in January the launch that I did and the behind the scenes of that you can go to Episode 316 and 317. And then as I said 336 to 338 is the other launch series that I’ve done. So yeah, hope you found this helpful, and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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Author: Sam Brown