Episode 92: Personal Growth Update February 2019

Episode 92: Personal Growth Update February 2019

In this episode, I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at my personal development journey (and business) to inspire you to work on yourself every day. For me, February was a really powerful month in so many ways. Tune in to hear some of the most important things I learned as I set about my February goals. It wasn’t already easy!

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What to do when you fail at reaching a goal
  • When to change a goal and when to persist
  • What I’m learning from my goal to read 4 books every month
  • The 4 books I’m reading this month and whether I’d recommend them
  • Why I don’t finish every book I read
  • The constructive feedback I got this month about being interviewed on podcasts
  • How I approach feedback so that I can remain true to myself whilst growing and evolving
  • The power of coaching and what I talk about with my coach
  • Why I love getting older

Featured In The Episode:

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In this episode, I’m sharing how I’m going with my goals, the empowering realisations I’ve had, how I personally handle constructive feedback and more.

Author: Sam Brown