Episode 98: The Power of Daily Creativity

Episode 98: The Power of Daily Creativity

When you have a perfectionist mindset, the temptation is always to only do things you’ll be good at or pursue opportunities that might succeed (so that you don’t waste effort). While that may sound logical, it’s a very limiting way to live life and will only end in dissatisfaction.

In this episode,  I’m sharing how you can use creativity to get yourself into a growth mindset (i.e. a mindset that will have you achieving more). Even if you don’t view yourself as a creative person, I recommend tuning in!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to use daily creativity to get yourself into a growth mindset
  • The things I personally do just for the sake of creativity
  • 3 benefits of daily creativity (beyond what you’d typically think)
  • Why you should do something for yourself before you do something for your boss
  • How to begin a daily creativity practice
  • What I’ve learned so far from writing every day in 2019

Featured In The Episode:

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If you’ve been hesitating on a creative pursuit because you won’t be good or it might not be successful, this episode is for you! Tune in learn the hidden reasons that daily creativity is SO powerful and how to get started.

Author: Sam Brown