Episode 99: Personal Growth Update March 2019

Episode 99: Personal Growth Update March 2019

March 2019 was an interesting and exciting month for me. The first half was filled with lessons and the second half filled with wonder (and even more lessons). I learned A LOT and am so excited to share the best of it with you in this episode.

This month I relaunched my perfectionism course Get Out Of Your Own Way, spent a week in Bali on the Manifestation Babe Retreat and finally gave myself permission to take a break from my business – even if it was only for a few days! Plus there was plenty of other stuff going on too. Tune in to find out what I got up to, the mistakes I made and what I learned.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What I thought of the Manifestation Babe Retreat in Bali + whether I’d recommend it
  • My biggest takeaways from the MB Retreat
  • An important lesson I learned while relaunching Get Out Of Your Own Way
  • Why I gave myself permission to have a week off my business + the impact it had
  • The consequence of neglecting my daily journaling practice (feeling stressed)
  • How my goal to read 4 books per month is (or isn’t) progressing
  • My personal development experiment for the second quarter of 2019

Featured In The Episode:

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It was an incredible month full of wins and lessons. Tune in to find out what I learned!

Author: Sam Brown