Episode 126: 3 Steps To Create An Empowering Self-Image

Episode 126: 3 Steps To Create An Empowering Self-Image

As Tony Robbins says, identity is the strongest force in the human personality. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing how to upgrade your identity so it won’t keep stopping you from getting what you want. I hope you enjoy it!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify the labels that are holding you back
  • A practical process to upgrade your self-image and create a new identity
  • Why changing your beliefs about yourself isn’t denying the ‘truth’ of who you are
  • Why having room for personal growth is not a sign of inadequacy
  • How to feel empowered by a label without allowing it to keep you small
  • What this process looked like for my 1:1 coaching client and how it helped her

Featured In The Episode:

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As humans, we love to label ourselves and others. But sometimes, the labels we put on ourselves only hold us back! In this episode, I’m sharing a practical 3 step process to help you upgrade your identity so it will pull you towards your dream life.

Author: Sam Brown