Episode 128: Personal Growth Update July 2019

Episode 128: Personal Growth Update July 2019

Every month, I record a personal growth update to help you get a feel for what personal development is *really* like when you’re on the journey (hint: it’s not rainbows and butterflies when you’re doing the real work). 

This month has felt incredibly challenging for me in so many ways, but finished on such a high that I’ve almost forgotten about the hard times! For one, I finished up at my part-time admin job and officially went full-time in my business (nearly 6 years after starting) – woohoo! I also taught my first ever in person workshop, which couldn’t have gone any better. Thank you to Darelle, Steph, Katie, Ange and Jenny for being part of it.

Tune in to hear what I’ve been getting up to, what I’ve been working on behind the scenes and some personal development inspo. I hope you find it helpful!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How I feel about finishing up at my part-time job
  • How my first ever in person workshop went and why I can’t wait to do more
  • An upcoming opportunity for you to meet me and work with me in Los Angeles
  • Why you should feel proud of yourself more often and how to do it
  • The one thing you need to do in order to stay consistent with workouts
  • How to keep your workout routine when travelling
  • An update on my impossible goal for 2019
  • Where I’m travelling next month and why

Featured In The Episode:

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July has been an exciting month for me! I finished my part-time job, taught my first ever in-person workshop, planned an exciting trip and so much more. Tune in to hear about what I’ve been getting up to and what I’ve been working on behind the scenes!

Author: Sam Brown