Episode 169: 7 Practical Tips To Help You Create New Habits

Episode 169: 7 Practicals Tips To Help You Create New Habits

If you want to change your life, you must change your habits. But creating new habits is challenging! And it’s even more challenging when you’re working against yourself without even realising it.

If you think that the only thing stopping you from sticking to your dream habits is motivation, you couldn’t be more wrong. Which is why this episode is so important! I’m diving deep into the real reasons you haven’t been able to create new habits and the practical things to do instead.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why lack of motivation isn’t really what’s stopping you from sticking to new habits
  • The importance of focusing on one habit at a time
  • How to escape the all-or-nothing mindset
  • Why habit tracking might be stopping you from sticking to your new habit
  • Why you shouldn’t expect new habits to feel natural and effortless
  • The power of being your own accountability buddy
  • Why you must change your self-image for a new habit to stick

Featured In The Episode:

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In this episode, I’m sharing practical advice to help you create habits that last. If you can’t stay motivated with new habits for more than a few days or weeks, this episode is just what you need.

Author: Sam Brown