Episode 135: 7 Signs You Have a Fixed Mindset

Episode 135: 7 Signs You Have a Fixed Mindset

There’s a difference between intellectual knowledge and actually living what you know. A BIG difference. Which means that knowing about the growth mindset is not the same as having a growth mindset.

I’ve recorded many episodes on this topic before but thought it might be helpful to share 7 signs that you still have a fixed mindset. But just remember – having a fixed mindset is nothing to beat yourself up about. That’s not the point of this episode! The point is to help you take your self-awareness to a deeper level so you can create the mindset and the life you want. Enjoy!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What the fixed mindset is and the kind of life it creates
  • 7 signs you have a fixed mindset and what to do about it
  • Why being smart isn’t something you should be aiming for
  • The real reason you want everything to be natural and effortless
  • How to stop fearing wasted effort
  • What it takes to actually pursue your potential
  • The quickest way to create a growth mindset

Featured In The Episode:

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If you’re a perfectionist, the most empowering thing you can do is create a growth mindset. In this episode, I’m sharing 7 signs that you still have work to do and what to do about it. I hope you find it helpful!

Author: Sam Brown